iwasbornthisweird: What does it mean when people say tumblr ruined the quality?

I’m not sure? I’ve never heard of that saying before but I’m going to assume that tumblr took the image and made it look bad? 


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does anyone know any websites that sell cute iPhone 5/s cases for cheap? free shipping would be great too?

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sorry about my inactivity!!!!ive been focusing on school but im back!
heyits-maya: hello friend

ew its you ;) 


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"this bare patch of dirt was once green and alive, like the forest next door where tall truffulas thrive! but what happened then? men with axes that hack, they came and they chopped and they cut the trees back! now all that is left are some sad stumps and weeds to remind us, the earth is what everyone needs!"
this quote touched my heart and made me realize that we cut down trees for paper and we just end up wasting the paper.. its sad and scary to think that one day we may not have any trees left
heyits-maya: no anon hannah is mine your argument is invalid

Mayaaaa <3 

07.02.12 <3 


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Anonymous: yess


not really tho lololol


While in Universal I met a bunch of the characters and acted like a little girl again, while lining up for the Patrick one, the lady said that the line was closed and to come back at around 3:30. Patrick came up to her, tapped her on the shoulder and waved his hand and let me take 4 photos with him and one of him&#8230;All I want to say is, Thank you for being so sweet &lt;3 
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the fact that this advertisement was made completely out of sand gives me shivers